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May 25, 2012



You SoCals are so jealous that you don't have a good sense of rivalry.

Greg White

I'm thinking that either the NorCal attitude is changing or that it varies with the people you talk to. I seem to have been talking to a number of people lately who like L.A.


OK, guys, I should come clean. This post is about a past SF. The SF I left. I don't actually know if it is still like that. But I am experiencing a situation that reminds me a lot of my past SF/NorCal vs SoCalness. It doesn't have anything to do with California. It's kind of me using my blog as a secret conversation with myself in public view.

But thanks for your comments!!! And Greg, it's great to hear that people are thinking positively about LA these days. :) I think it's a pretty amazing place. :)

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