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May 05, 2012


Stephen Lombardi

If I may… you are certainly a traveler. Visit Germany, it reminded me, a lot, of Iowa. The people are hard working, honest, straightforward and pleasant with travelers. You would like Neuschwanstein Castle, the original model for the Disney World Cinderella Castle. You do come from a long line of lawyers, poets and philosophers, so your artisan side along with the philosophical ideas is an honest to good deep seated trait.


 Schlegel is a name of German origin, related to Schlägel "sledgehammer, mallet".
 Schlegel, Saxony, a village in the district of Löbau-Zittau in Saxony belonging to the town of Zittau
 Schlegel, Thuringia, a municipality in the district of Saale-Orla-Kreis in Thuringia
 August Wilhelm Schlegel, German poet, older brother of Karl Wilhelm Friedrich
 Brad Schlegel, former Canadian ice hockey player
 Hermann Schlegel, German ornithologist and herpetologist
 Hans Schlegel, German astronaut
 Johan Frederik Schlegel, Danish civil servant
 Johann Adolf Schlegel, German poet and clergyman, father of August Wilhelm
 Johann Elias Schlegel, German critic and dramatic poet, brother of Johann Adolf
 John P. Schlegel, President of Creighton University and Jesuit
 Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel, German poet and philosopher, younger brother of August Wilhelm
 Victor Schlegel, German mathematician


Thanks Steve!

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