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September 12, 2011


Portland Firefly

You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I love your jacket --- you are total eye-candy... no one (except blind men) will hear a word you are saying because you look so beautiful and confident! Yes, I am related to you! And I am totally unbiased in my praise!

David K Waltz

This will also create problems for economy managers - due to difficulties measuring and managing money supply - and makes for a wilder economic ride - more and higher ups, more and lower downs.


Well David, it COULD make it a wilder ride - but it could also smoothen out the roller coaster. Increased diversity in the eco-system has the possibility of balancing loops that are out of whack.

I'm not going to assume anything. :)

It also allows "green fields" for new products and services. Products and services that can be built with the values of encouraging diversity and smoothing out the overall ride. (For example, look at individual stocks to composite funds. Also certain stocks and funds are tied to various risk levels... you can choose the variability of the risk ride: thus increasing or decreasing the roller coaster loops.

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