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August 31, 2011


Portland Firefly

One of my favorite "Heather stories" is regarding spaghetti. As a young family we rarely went out for dinner. But this one night, we drove to a nearby Iowa town to the latest health food restaurant in the state. Your father & I struggled over what to order for this precocious delightful 5 year old, settling on spaghetti with one meat ball. You did like hamburgers after all!
When the sweet waitress arrived and set your plate of spaghetti (with the red sauce and meatball perfectly arranged in the center)in front of you, you threw a fit! You screemed loudly in your assertive 5 year old voice "That's not spaghetti!"!!! You didn't believe us that it was spaghetti. You said, "No! Spaghetti's white!" It was then that we realized that you had only eaten spaghetti carbonara your entire life and had never had red sauce spaghetti. The waitress took the offending plate away and served you plain spaghetti with butter & parmesan and you were quite happy. That was the evening that you had your first serving of chocolate mousse for dessert! It had tiny little carob chips (a health food restaurant, remember!) sprinkled on the top. And the rest is history!

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