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May 21, 2011



Hi Heather,

Thanks for the post!

I agree with most of your points, but am hung up on #3 - our motivation/"desire" to increase "transaction data".

While we assume multitasking is allowing us to get more done (increasing our bandwidth), I believe we're stuck with relatively the same bandwidth and just giving less focus to our tasks -resulting in decreased level of efficiency and quality, while reinforcing our ADD/ADHD behavior.



Hey there! While I'm familiar with that study and agree with it, it was not my intention to say that multi-tasking makes us more effective or efficient, but rather that it is increasing/training our brains to follow multiple data streams.

There are some people (high multi-taskers) who can effectively multi-task, but this is not the norm. The real skill with multi-tasking is the ability to focus. :) But focusing and following/being aware/playing within multiple streams are two different skill sets. :)

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