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April 27, 2011



Do Mechanical Turk and Kickstarter fit into your idea of collaborative environments?


Good points... my experience with Mturk and Kickstarter have been more of standard leader/follower rather than true collaborative. I don't feel like I am co-creating with someone on kickstarter.

They are basically asking me to fund _their_ project. They don't necessarily care (or ask) me for their opinion.

On Mturk, I have had the opposite effect. I submit projects to be done in a certain way (in the case I've used it - to transcribe audio). I have not used it to ask for their opinion, although I did have a few "workers" share come comments and concerns on the material - which I actually really liked.

So, no, I do not consider Mturk or Kickstarter collaborative in the same way as these examples above. But that just means there are levels of collaboration.

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