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October 25, 2010


Kalina Wilson

Yeah, I'll bite. Here's the reason to be considerate to people who are assholes: all the great assholes of the world start off by deciding it's ok to be an asshole because of how everyone ELSE was an asshole first.

You know Who!

Yes, because believe me everyone has been one at one time or another!!! But go ahead and just ignore them instead......


Kalina, M, Thanks for your comments! I've been thinking a lot about this... with no additional enlightenment.


Assholes don't deserve your consideration. In fact, they don't deserve anything at all from you. Perhaps it's best to just best to leave assholes where they lie, and carry on living in the manner you see fit.


There is no reason for you to suffer anything or anyone. People do what they do, you can choose who and how you wish to relate. Being civil, considerate, understanding seem like a good idea in general. If you are not being met on that level, let the relationship go. It's not worth the suffering or bullshit that comes with trying to connect with someone who is not sharing your values. Everyone we meet is part of our checklist for redemption. The most important part is how we show up - don't mind "them".

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