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June 23, 2009



Well and thoughtfully put, that.

Much of the trick, to me, has been to become much more thoughtful and selective (and aware) concerning what sort of media will be granted some portion of my time and attention, whether it's television, radio, Internet, or whatever. (I.e., little-to-no random channel-surfing looking for something to occupy my time and rotting brain for me; awareness of options other than the Idiot Box for filling and passing time; etc.) These days, TV is (for me) a small handful of TV series (mostly SF-ish). I've utterly given up on television "news", have little interest in the ever-increasing predominance of "reality" TV, and basically find much of the television's cheap brain-candy entertainment offerings to be sadly more intellectually numbing and/or draining than anything else.

I've recently noticed a somewhat similar sort of effect with computer/console electronic gaming. So much of such these days is simply fighting- and violence-oriented, with little thoughful/intellectual stimulation involved. I have to wonder at the growing detachment-from-reality that such trends may contribute to in successive generations of increasingly dedicated gamers -- especially scary for those of us with young or teenage kids now.

Anyway, just some rambling thoughts that happened to be stirred up by yours. :-)

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