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May 19, 2009



It seems more of my friends are gardening (my household included - strawberries, blueberries, lemons, pomegranates) and hope that does become a bigger movement where we create more urban gardens instead of removing them.

I do agree with you on the points you made regarding Personal Responsibility. A couple of years ago I took a class, Practice of Self Management, a trans-disciplinary business course on managing yourself. The class itself was very holistic in that it dealt with anger, fear, and what parts of the brain are activated. We did weekly meditations. After taking the class I thought why aren't they teaching this in high school.

I love the idea of interior tourism, having been lucky enough to visit 5 of the 7 continents, I think that has propelled me to see the beauty within the US. Decreasing my carbon footprint is also another reason to limit my own travels.


All good stuff, IMHO. I also like what you say about personal responsibiity and right now feel inspired to shoulder mine. The overall entry is giving me a vague vision of 'how it might be' - individuals who are responsible interact with other similar people across the planet or next door, using technology or just go round to say hello, we shoulder the load of looking after ourselves (no more 'they' should do something about it - a big feature where i live in the UK), the 'means of production' are distributed- local sustainable activities, not big government, big corporations, big military - but local people doing things that have a low environmental impact and are designed for the local needs and are flexible. We have recreation locally but get out and about sometimes as far as afield as we and the planet can afford, to see how other people live (action tourism? like Earthwatch, you can have a 'holiday' in an exotic location but you will be doing voluntary conservation work while you're there. Or go farther afield to do something creative.). Likewise the arts, increasing participation rather than passive consumption. In fact each and every one of us is a creative genius, so the distinction between 'artist' and 'other' will melt, we will each have many roles (one moment I'm being an artist, the next I'm chopping up compost (I read your blog entry on the Connected circle!). Utopia? Anyway, thanks for brightening up a dull Saturday here in England!

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