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April 08, 2009



Heather -

I can't help but agree with you. It does seem as if the world has changed (at least from our sepia-toned memories). At my age, 51, I see my cohort (and the baby-boomers immediately before me) grab as much as they can, without regard to whom or what gets harmed in the process.

The generation prior (WW II, Korean War) seems to be a little more balanced - but then they got to live through a massive national effort to stave off Nazism.

My main hope is that we can figure out a way to work together as a people to dig ourselves out of the crap we found ourselves in. I'm only moderately optimistic. When politicians and businesses continue to play zero sum games with the population, I fear that our worst instincts just seem to overwhelm our better ones.

That being said, it is important to remember that there are good people in this milieu - not everyone is completely greedy.


G - I completely agree. And I have a follow-up to this post. I found the ungreedy. :)


The only hope is that the world is comprised of at least 51% goodness. Or, as my dear friend so eloquently pointed out: "The world is just about equal parts shit and diamonds. Its a dark night out there as we wander. And its up to each of us what we choose to shine our flashlights on."

And in the spirit of balance, while I concur that greed is a very American vice, having travelled all over the world and listened to many many different perspectives on America, there are great values here too. Creativity, for one. Opportunity, another. As other cultures learn from our virtues, perhaps we can learn from theirs as well.

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