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August 04, 2008


Mayor Jim

I find that to be "city behavior". I see it in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, New York -- anyplace with a dense overcrowded city area.

It's one of the reasons I won't live in Hollywood, and have really enjoyed living out here in the suburbs of LA.


I will have to say that I think most of the courteous drivers are here in the Portland area. The highways are overcrowded and the freeway system mostly consists of two lanes in each direction (was I ever impressed with the 14 lane expansion in SD!); yet most drivers are polite and allow you to move into lane changes when needed. And yes, they use their turn signal indicators and (are you sitting down LA?) drive the speedlimit or BELOW!!! OH, and here you will get a ticket if you block any sidewalk or a driveway. Wierd, but we like it!!

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