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June 12, 2008


Robert 'Groby' Blum

Congratulations! Good to see you re-discovered math - it'll provide plenty of fun and excitement ;)

I'd recommend "Fermat's Enigma" by Singh if you want to be tantalized and catch a glimpse where the road can lead.

As for what I'm focusing on - can't tell yet ;) Ask again by the end of the year ;)


I (ahem) learned Quantum Physics far too thoroughly at Uppsala University in 1982-84. It was fun to understand the mysteries of creation on that level.

But a mystery on a different level has remained until I read this post: why there were only 3 girls in my class of 120!


Robert - thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out.

Lars - I am not surprised either at your mastery of quantum physics or the lack of girls. I'm glad I was able to help you solve your mystery. ;)

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