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March 17, 2008



Your passions are like a garden, you can choose what to care for or cultivate. Search for the passions that separate you. When they become common, move on and replant.


I have a little different take on this quote. It seems to be more of a celebration of uniqueness than a behavioral instruction. It is a Zen sort of riddle hidden in a statement. Riding my motorcycle out into the desert is not unique. Looking at it with a different mindset, only I can ride my bike the way I ride it. Therefore, even though I may see hundreds of bikes on the road, I am doing something unique to myself, and the world as a whole. So, basically, given the proper vantage point, everything we do and create is unique. I don't feel there is a need to search for the passions that separate. Grab your passion and ride, for whatever that passion is, because you are doing it, it is unique and different and beautiful.

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