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February 11, 2008


Lars P

Not to say you're behind the curve or anything, but I started reading Foundation when I was 8. Started on book 2, but sorted it out eventually. It was the greatest reading experience of my life until I fell prey to Tolkien at 14. Then I became a Dickhead at 15.


Lars - We all come across these things in our own time. :)

I think I was reading Edgar Allen Poe at 9 and was obsessed with Zen, Taoism and metaphysics from 13-now. I still get irritated with the lack of good female characters in early scifi - but maybe I need to read more.

I still consider Dune and Hyperion Series the motherloads.

Lars P

Seeing how we spent our formative years, how we turned out doesn't seem so unexpected.

*Loved* the first Dune book, but gave up after 1.5 sequel. Haven't even heard of Hyperion before. Maybe my time for that is soon.

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