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October 19, 2007



HV, Hey Now!

Dreams, I had a dream about a month ago that i was on a plane, And then bam, just like you would see in the movies, Lost an engine and we where going down, It was so real, It was as if my find went to wanna pannick in ur last few moments of life? or just say hey this is it look, look around, think as much as you can about the fun you had, the people that lives you touched and that touched yours. people where screaming and crying, My pulse quickened, just like it would have had it been real, but it sure felt real, a few days later i was getting on a plane to go somewhere so it was very sureal. I woke up from the dream it was that violent. Anyway, enjoy the balance of your day M:)


That's awesome! I know how hard it is to listen to that little voice when my ego wants to ignore it. Congratulations! Glad you survived the scary dreams, too.

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