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October 24, 2007



I have been reading your blog for awhile now and i notice a theme of sorts.

A struggle maybe, Of people affecting you, hurting you, disappointing you, letting you down, using u, something along this line. So after reading your post on "Mending" i am happy for you that you are the type of person that is open to this version of events also. Look, im not gonna be able to spell it out in neat little cubicles exactly what i mean, but i hope you get the gist....

I have a very funny experience going on right now. my father whom has been my mentor and best friend for a great many years just told me and my sister that we are no longer his family, that his wife and her children are his family now. in short that all the inheritance will be theirs. Lets just say its a lot of dough lol..Pillsbury type lol...

For me it was a shock as much cause we where such good friends, or so i thought. Anyway, its been about two weeks now and its a funny story because im not really sad. i have friends that love me, i got a couple bucks, and my sister Gail and me are closer now then ever. I just trust in Love and God that things will be good. So, i guess what im saying is Hi ! im Michael and im sticking around :)..........Peace

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