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October 31, 2007



Best post I've seen in a while, Heather. I especially love the Herbert quotes.

There's a lot to be said for the war/love/ruthlessness equation in life and business. So many people get caught up in the social contrivances of being "nice," and in so doing, they cause more harm to themselves and others than they ever would if they weren't afraid of being the "bad guy."

There's a lot of interesting material on this I've found in studying some of the philosophy behind capoeira.


Thanks Rand! I studied Capoeira for a while. Unfortunately it was more than 10 years ago before Capoeira got big in the US. It was me and some brazilians from portuguese class practicing meu lua and macaco. I especially like maculele - with the sticks.

The cool thing about Capoeira was that it was developed to for the slaves to fight against their "masters" who had guns. But it had to be hidden as a dance, and tied into a religion so they could practice it. I am sure you have seen the movie Quilombo. If not, you should. Also Xica da Silva is very good. http://www.brazilbrazil.com/xica.html


I haven't seen the movie, but I've played capoeira for several years now. If you're interested in more of the philosophical side of it, Nestor Capoeira (nom de guerre/plume) has written some great books on it.

The dynamism, playfulness, ruthlessness, agility and intensity of capoeira have taught me some important lessons in life.

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