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September 30, 2007




i like ur writing,"sometimes" thats why i check in.

I read about a girl that jumped off the golden gate bridge on ur blog, I thought u passed through that in a way i would not have presented that to my readers"if i had any"!..

Ur a girl, a woman, So yes u will end up with a certain amount of men lusting after u while typing with one hand.

Me:) ,I like the fact that u open ur blog to all the craziness withing reason.

Well im in Ibiza spain so im about to head out to meet some friends and go dance till the sun comes up.


My faith is measured only by what is insurmountable inside you, from which your loss, taught u this, that through can only be gained.


"It's this part of my blog writing that I fear the most."

This is true for me as well, but it's also the part that's proven most rewarding. When I started my blog I assumed nobody would ever read it, so I could say whatever I wanted without fear of judgement. Then people started reading it. But none of those people judged me. If anything, they thought more highly of me for being able to say the things I did and for surviving the things I went through. The experience helped me learn how to open up to people and I'm a very different person today because of it.

Greg Roberts

i blogged all my deepest most innermost thoughts, like you, mostly for my own record-keeping / soul cleansing, until they were threatened by a soon to be ex to be used against me in a court of law... i then shut down all but one dreamblog, and moved from the language of literalism and complaint into the realm of metaphor and hopeful dreaming.


Michael - wish I could join you in your ibiza partying. alas, I dream of Brazil.

Devin - it's something about not being strong all the time. It's about being vulnerable sometimes and not knowing all the answers.

Greg - well, you have to be careful what you write. I try to stay focused on the positive and only write about good things. There's too much negativity in the world, and I don't want to contribute to that - even when people are pissing me off. Sometimes though, I slip up and get negative. Then again, I'm human.


Isn't it great how Google brings us all together?

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