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September 19, 2007



Disorder challenges order. Perpetually, randomly, like a Tourette's-driven pop-quiz. If a specific instance of order (such as a rule or law or taboo) still has strong enough cause and support to exist, it'll survive the challenge; if not, that instance has probably outlived its usefulness and should be retired.

U.S. "Free Speech" and similar rights are supposed to play some part of that role in the ongoing evolution of the U.S. Government. How well that works today is rather debateable, but... somehow, an image of Ben Franklin as a loyal people's Trickster comes to mind. :-)


Thogek - good to see you! I had never thought of Ben Franklin as a trickster before. Nice. I'm sure all our founding fathers were tricksters. Too bad the tricksters get a bad rap, when the bad they do, make it all better.

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