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August 02, 2007



Excellent Job!! Must say your GTD notebook has it all... :)

Jim Robertson

Hi, I live in the UK and am keen to find the sticky tabs you use to make up your notebook. Do you have any tips on where I could find these? Any info on who manufactures them or retails them would really help. I've hunted hi and low in stationery shops and can't seem to find them anywhere.

Great videos,

James Hahn II

I've got to say THANK YOU for your explanation of a GTD notebook. I was required to read GTD for my coaching school this summer, but I really didn't understand how to implement the system until I saw your video. I FINALLY set up my notebook yesterday and I've been absolutely "kicking ass!" ever since!!

I'm now about to handle all of my @Home tasks without zero anxiety about missing something because, believe it or not, I've completed all of my emails and made every phone call I need to. And some of those calls and emails had been rolling around in my head causing anxiety for months.

THANK YOU for introducing me to the FREEDOM of GTD!!!


James - you are very welcome! :)

Tyler McCart

Hi Heather, I have been using the GTD Notebook for about the last 60 days and I have found it to be extremely useful. I am still new to GTD. i have only been using the GTD mindset for about a year now.

I am curious, since your youtube post, have you made any improvements to your GTD notebook list of contexts?

Thanks! Tyler

Pim Jansens

Nice video. I also like this one about a system they call pile-file:


Tyler - I have done some tweaks and changes. I have some new videos I'd like to do, but alas, I have been busy. Soon though.

Actually I have gone somewhat electronic, although I still carry a lightweight GTD notebook with me.

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