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July 26, 2007


Ewan Spence

Looks a fantastic gig, but I'll put the tin hat on now and ask how you'll respond to the question "what do you think would be said if this was a 'boys only' conference?" I really don;t think the problem of the gender split in tech is going to be answered by positive discrimination.

Ewan Spence

Oh, and to be picky, because I'm in a picky mood - would a post-op TS be allowed in? What about pre-op?


Ewan - your question is a good one and I've got an answer for you. I think yes on the post/pre-op TS. As far as a boy's only conference (Bloghim?) I have a lot to say about gender roles in the technology industry. I'll collect my thoughts and get to writing. :)

Thanks for your comments!

Ewan Spence

So if I say I'm thinking of becoming a woman, need to eat chocolate once every six weeks for mood swings, and have fantastic legs in my kilt, does that count?


Can you change the CSS on your blog entries so that the fonts obey the IE "make text larger" options? If you make your fonts so that the default (in body) is "medium" or "small" and then other fonts are specified as a percentage of that, then it should work. Thanks. The font is so small in the ShesGeeky announcement I can barely see it.

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