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July 29, 2007


Travis Savo

What follows is you can love someone, always hold a special place in your heart for them and wish them nothing but the best, but not actually like them as a person.

I've found this is a pretty comfortable place for family that brings you down or is a negative influence in your life. Accepting that makes having a loving relationship possible, and even enjoyable, because their place is never confused, and it allows you to be a positive beacon for them.

But that's just me. Please take it with the small pile of salt it's being offered with.

Cliff Allen

Judging people is not necessarily bad. You can judge that someone has a set of skills, attitudes, or beliefs that is -- or is not -- compatible with yours. This helps in prioritizing how much time to invest with each person, which can make both you and them more productive and happier.


Cliff - exactly. As a leader, you must know what skills are needed to be successful. And you must know what you team can do. (A long time ago in a warehouse in Oakland someone whispered in my ear "you must know who they are and what they can do before you can lead them." It's been one of the best pieces of advice I've received.

Travis - detachment, but not being too detached. Sometimes it's very tricky with family. :)

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