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July 25, 2007



Nice!!!!!! You should totally do that! I think you'll find it far more fulfilling. But why not Dr. Vescent? :-)

Dorothy in Oz

I also vote for Dr. Vescent!! Way to go, Susanna!! BTW what exactly is Cognitive Science? And did you say you were studying Business in Brazil? Monkey Business!!! (Tee Hee)!


Dr Schlegel and Heathervescent. Imagine that they are two personalities of the same coin. I like the ring. (Like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde - ha ha)

As far as cognitive science goes, I'm looking into this program. It seems to be pretty good and it's in the LA Area (which is a bonus, since I don't want to leave)

and I'm considering track i: Cognition and Information Processing or iii: Perception and Action, although I am very intrigued by ii: Mathematical Behavioral Science

Dr Schlegel, here I come.

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