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June 24, 2007


Dorothy in Oz

Wood is great choice! Will you be adding it to a burn? They will have to rename your camp "Burning Unicorns"! I think you now have the "paper towel holder" and spice shakers you made in wood shop. The metal items didn't last so long. I still use the beautiful trivets you made for me on an almost daily basis! Well made!! Did you know that your great, great grandfather was a wagon & furniture maker?

Purple Reader

Heh, I remember making shelves and, er, "paper towel holders" in shop. I wonder where I left that? *wanders off*


Hi Mom! yes, the unicorns will get burned! I like it - yes burning unicorn camp. I love it. I didn't know we had a furniture maker in the family. Very Cool! I do not miss my misogynistic shop teacher though.

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