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June 26, 2007



Recognizing your patterns and having the power to change them is some powerful magic indeed.


Some powerful bullshit, yes. Another seemingly useful way of thinking about the goal is that it's about being fully present - remembering as much as possible at every moment. Since time is a human construction anyway, the consequence of our habit, we can have the equivalent of hindsight about the present.


i will describe the pattern that this post has fished up from the sea of memory.

i googled 'integral theory recapitulation'. your post excited me initially by linking hofstader to this idea. i have never before associated him with either idea, but now i see its obvious he is an important writer in both. it turns out the rest of the post has very little to do with integral theory, and the recapitulation you describe has a self-indulgent 'new-age' tone that disappointed me, since i am primarily interested in historical recapitulation (g stanley hall, or early ken wilbur). you didnt really provide me with any new ideas qua ideas, but you did open some doors that will let ideas flow in ways they didnt before.

the distillation of this event is not as simple as 'disappointment' at the lack of unique content in your post, because the 'excitement' at these new associations is equally powerful. so i thank you sincerely for writing about these ideas, and i encourage you to press on into the center of the vajra where you will find your own unique idea-- if you havent done so elsewhere already.

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