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June 26, 2007



When I was a kid we had an avocado tree in the back yard. One day my dad noticed that all the pits seemed to end up in a certain part of the yard and was trying to figure out why. Just as he had come up with a complicated theory related to the topology of the yard, the dog walked over chewing on something and spit another avocado pit onto the pile.
Question answered.

Carlos Ashmanskas

can i feed my dog an avocado to eat safely? been reading that it is poisonous, but other sites still have recpes with avocado for dogs. I would love to watch my dog chew on one, seems to love occupying her time with chewing on new stuff. avocado seems to be fun and edible and a time consuming activity for her active nature. She looks so cute working on suff with her teeth. Avocado bad?

S. Holloway

My (pug)dog got into the fresh peelings of avacado out of my compost pile. Two hours later she was vomiting horribly all through the night and into the next morning. Than the diarrehea started at 11:00AM She had labored breathing all morning and another BM at 1:00 by 3:00 she collapsed onto the floor and urinated on herself. I rushed her to the vet. She had progressed to blood in her stool, needing an IV and oxygen. The vet said that dogs go down hill very quickly w/ gastro-intestional issues and if I had not brought her in, she would have died. The problem w/ the avacado was (I believe) that it was from Mexico. They do not regulate fertilizing and farm products and sometimes use human waste for fertilizer. Anyway, I would not take the chance on seeing if your dog likes avacaods. It was a very frieghtening situation. She is now on antibiotics and rice w/ chicken broth for 5 days.

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