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June 13, 2007


Dorothy in Oz

Ruthlessness, as you talk about it in your blog, sounds like "keeping ones own boundries".... always a good thing to know where you stand and to hold there. Yet, be not too proud to change if proven wrong especially for the sake of sweetness. Cunning... Now cunning is to me, the very ability to completely use our mental facilties in cleverly solving any problem we are given. This where the phrase "outside the box" comes from. And I think it sometimes can be mistaken for manipulation if your intention is only selfish. BTW I LOVE the deep purple hair and do I recognize the neck scarf??? Great pic!! Hugs!


At one point DJ says that ruthlessness is not to be confused with cruelty, it is sobriety. At another point, DJ says that the universe is predatory. With a predatory universe taken as a postulate, of course any sober thinking being would consider herself as some predator's game. I've heard buddhists say that enemies are as infinite as space. In an infinite, eternal universe that would certainly be true, but keep in mind that in an infinite, eternal universe mercy and love would also be as infinite as space. Of course as Cantor pointed out, not all infinities are equal.

Whether or not a life based on mercy and love can be a sober life is the question I am struggling with now. In fact, I believe that it is the central question for anyone attempting to lead an impeccable life.

Did you go to St. Johns College? ;-)

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