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May 30, 2007


Andrew Warner

I had a similar feeling about a decade ago. I finally said, "damn it, if I'm going to consider something this extreme, then I should first try not being afraid to take risks."

That crisis point ended up improving my life. It helped me feel less shy and hesitant, and got me to finally say and do what I wanted.


"This happens a fair amount with work. People just piss me off, they make stupid decisions, they don't see the right/impeccable/most efficient way to achieve what they want to achieve. It's very frustrating."

Oh, that sounds sooo familiar... :-/


i've come back and read this three times. it's very powerful.

Deena Varshavskaya

This is a brilliant way to get some perspective and a fresh outlook, as well as a heightened sense of your freedom. All of us just cannot help but get caught up in earthly matters and we all need meditations like these on a regular basis to bring us back to, hehe, "life".


WOW. for some reason, weird, I needed to read that today. thank you.


When you feel at your lowest, even if infrequently, feel free to call me any time. Not that you are even planning to carry it out. However…these feelings tend not to go away, they just become less frequent. However, if not handled carefully, they simply feel worse when they happen, which sucks.

If not me, make sure you have arranged to talk to someone prepared to simply talk-it-through. You should also offer this to others. As you know, it is not about a pep-talk, but rather about a frame of mind…


Natascha Forté

Damn Heather, you took all the feelings right off of my mind and chest. I'm a 28-year-old SBF living in Cincinnati, OH. And, if I need more reason that to commit suicide, the list goes on. But, I think you're on to something with this staging your death thing. I'd like to hear more solutions if you have them... Please?

the donBosha Osh ToshBosh

Hey Heather, you still around? I am thanks to you...


I'm just sick of the world and the people in it and how you can't trust anyone, how are we all supposed to keep going knowing this? I do my best, try my hardest and there's always someone around looking how to screw me to make their lives better. I'm tired and want to give up. This doesn't feel worth it. I don't know what to do.


I am indeed still around. And if you're reading this, I hope you will join me in trying to be the better person you can be, even though this world and all the people in it are pieces of shit sometimes. :)

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