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April 18, 2007



thank you so much, thats awesome!

Robert 'Groby' Blum



Glad you enjoy! Please post any questions or discussion point. Yay!

Markus Sandy

great presentation! love the quote at the end.

Private Label Brand

Awesome presentation!! You yourself are the perfect "demo" of your presentation.

Tracy Ruggles

Really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It's always good to get a turn-everything-updside-down perspective every once in a while.

Chris Heuer

Really great to see you and connect again Heather. Looking forward to seeing you down in LaLaLand sometime soon...


great inspiration hv, big thanks for getting up there and being yourself! everyone check out http://www.authenticbusiness.co.uk/ for another take on authenticity, this other guy neil is building a really successful business around teaching authenticity.

Jennifer Fader

As expected, awesome insights. Wish I could have seen you live... :)

dreawane moore

it's nice to get this web...im so sad about my feelings....i feel so depress. good timing for my loneliness...

Dan Schawbel

Good presentation. I think that Personal Branding Online is in the future. Before one can create an online presence, they must understand who they are and apply it to real life. Blogging is a great way to create a Personal Brand Online.

my blog is dedicated to Personal Branding


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