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March 16, 2007


Susan Kitchens

Cool, Heather. it's been on my calendar for a while, but I hadn't signed up (till just now).

At first, I thought I'd be there Saturday only, because Sunday 11am-2pm I'm going to host a chat -- Scanfest. Scanfest is an idea for genealogy bloggers and others with scanners and paper based documents (photos, letters, records) that "you intend to scan, but keep procrastinating." Hence Scanfest: An appointed time, and a social scene, if remote. Using Gizmoproject's teleconference, and/or IM. So, scan and chat simultaneously.

It's a lot of stuff to haul downtown -- including the 80+ year old letters that I'll be scanning (yikes!), but the geek/hacking parts are appealing. My project is to figure out how to store metadata in image files, so that info about documents is kept with documents themselves.

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