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February 21, 2007



It was my first GD and loved it! Thanks for organizing. BTW, I'm willing to try to find sponsors for BarCamp.


So sorry I missed this one!


I was too tired after hiking, so I flaked. :(

Riccardo Cambiassi

Just saw your edit on the barcamp wiki and came to have a look around here.

Geekdinner tshirts sound great, we should have them in London too... maybe Crystal's design could be used as a general template? I'll ask her :)

And the pillowfight... must make it to the west coast soon.



Mark - glad you had a great time.
Micki - we missed you too!
sk - no worries.
Ricardo - yes we are working on geek dinner t-shirts. Talk to Crystal about it. Maybe see ya at the pillowfight. ;)

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