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January 31, 2007



Future St? Cool. That's right near the Self Realization Fellowship on Mt Washington.

Don't take it personally that nobody wants to buy your house. Nobody is buying houses right now. Now that prices have stopped going up, anyone who isn't desperate is just waiting to see what happens next. So they're not buying. I saw the same thing happen in 1990. The only way you're going to sell now is to drop the price enough to make them jump. And you may not want to do that just yet.


Stan, I know, I know. I am just impatient. But the time will come, when the time is right. It is the future you know. You can't make it happen any faster than it's already happening.

PS. Yes, it's near the self-realization fellowship.


And I think Future St will have to be an upcoming bike sightseeing trip. We have a route that goes up Mt Washington by the Self-Realization place, so it would be just a short detour.


Stan, note that the future is a tricky twisty place. ;) I love the views from the top of the hill though. :)

pinky the first

the video seems to stick after 4 minutes and won't go beyond "Master Bedroom and ..." even though it shows it's all loaded. Otherwise it's great! I got all nostalgic on the patio, thinking of the night I met that hunky Swede with the fast hands...

Will Campbell

If I might offer a well-meaning note... there's what looks to be a large tweaked window screen visible as you pan around from the backyard that you might want to think about either removing or fixing. It's amazing how something little like that cand sabotage a buyer's enthusiasm.

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