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December 04, 2006



That's a great story. My wife used to be a dancer, but she never learned how to do much on the pole until she took a class a couple of years ago.

So, what party was this that had a pole dancing contest? Sounds like something we should know about...

Will Campbell

Second?!! I demand a recount!


well first place went to two women who were competing with each other in the first round, but then the judges wanted to see them dance together - so they teamed them up. I said - no fair. 2 girls vs 1 head wound and I can't blame the audience for their decision. However, I now have the heathervescent memorial stripper pole in addition to performing with a helmet - and no one can take that away from me! ;)

Rizwan Kassim

Wow --- I wish I had paid attention to the list; I would have loved to see you kick some ass!

*Sorry you got hurt- I saw the pics* Good for your for tackling it again though!

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