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December 18, 2006



I'm totatlly with you on this one. I used to enjoy skiing when I was a kid, but after I grew up, I decided that I hate cold and snow. That's (part of) why I moved to L.A.

Will Campbell

I'm with ya H. Put the "no" in snow!


Unless you're wearing an infinite number of garments you can NOT always take clothes off. And if you are, you need to get up real early to dress.

There are reports of a mythical state called 'nekkidness' in the original Sanskrit that is said to have been reached by some brave wise men. While it is very hard to observe in modern America, some claim it is still a real possibility.

pinky the first

Lars, you're so literal. ;-P

Heather, if stomping around in ski boots is what it takes to get you back in the saddle, amen! let the Mr. go play in the snow, and next time stay here and play with your friends. You don't have to share ALL the same interests! Snow and cold are nasty and evil. OK, I'm off to work now, wearing my electric vest because it's a brisk 54 degrees!!!


I live in a very hot climate, and I have to tell you, you can run out of clothing to take off, and you are still too hot! Yesterday I was in my underwear, it was too hot to go outside - the sun was scalding hot. The only safe place was in front of an air conditioner. Everyone was confined to the cooler parts of the house.

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