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November 19, 2006



Didn't you say before you've never done a vlog before? Does this means this is your first?! If so - you rock... if it's not... you still rock I suppose.

Also - was I the only one impressed at how quickly you were pouring jello-shots into the little glasses? No? Anyone? I thought it was impressively-fast :p


yeah, this was basically my first video blog. I'm planning to do more posts! It was a lot of fun. I guess I pour fast - but then, I do everything fast.

Dorothy in OZ

I would think that the last batch that was cooled with the ice cubes would have been stronger than the first two batches because the cooled jello would not dissapate as much of the vodka as the warmer jello would have.


mom - you're right. but I didn't make any of these that strong.


I just made those tonight after looking at your video. Ive heard it only takes a couple hrs. They've been in the fridge for 4 hrs now and nothing has happened. Then again I didnt put cold water in and didnt freeze the alcohol or juice. Will they still come out? might just take a little longer? I hope so! I made 300 for a party at a nightclub tomm night...

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