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November 14, 2006


Rick Rey

Bah... got hit with the flu. You can't quit us!


I admit - I was a one night'er - I was really expecting several people (vloggers / Rick Rey included) to be there and when none of them were. I guess I got bummed out.

Or... it might have had something to do with my turning 25 that night and being a little freaked out by hitting the whole quarter-century mark. Who knows.

Susan Kitchens

Heather, I've been interested in the LA-geek scene, ever since the deeply geeky session at BlogHer. But oh, circumstances have just been against it. (September: bad back; October: boyfriend's mother's hospitalization and death; November: another friend's hospitalization, two memorial services--2nd upcoming Saturday in NoCal.) I've had to cut way back on many things. Was sorry to miss BarCamp and the geek dinner. Here's hoping that things normalize enough that I can come out one of those Tuesday nights to meet people. And make it to the next BarCamp.

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