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September 14, 2006



Hey, nice rant gurl, You get 'em!

As for your threat to go somewhere else (*ahem*) me thinks that's a bit hollow. By your own admission, you have two years of content on this thing. Do you _really_ want to deal with porting all that stuff over?

Too bad you don't know any good engineers to help you out with that. Oh, wait... ;-)

(actually, I don't know how easy/hard TypePad makes porting your content, but I have my suspicions.)


porting is not that hard. I tested it out earlier this year with a wordpress blog set up on a secret staging server. I was able to export all my posts from typepad and import then (all more than 700 of them) into wordpress, including the comments....

but there are other things that keep me a paying customer... hey - are you willing to help me with some programming? ;)


[Me again. Staying conspicuously silent. :-) ]

Michael Sippey

Hey, Heather! Your post's been making the rounds here at Six Apart, and we're working on incorporating your feedback and making it better. We've heard similar complaints from other users, so you're not alone. Stay tuned...


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