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August 22, 2006



Hey - you aren't from Boston originally are you? I just surfed over here from LA Supergoddess and your face looks awfully familiar.... ? You look like someone I went to school with, but I can't quite place it!


Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for stopping by. No I am not from Boston at all. However, it's one city I do really enjoy visiting. I've always had a great time there - which has been mostly for business. I'm spending a lot more time there and now writing for Boston MetBlogs.

Dorothy in OZ

Heather looks like a "Blond Stacy" as in Stacy & Clinton from TV's "What Not to Wear". But , Heather has a much cuter personality, which is to say a lot because Stacy is a "TV Personality"!!!


a most excellent approach to the day!

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