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August 28, 2006


Laurence Dube

May you send me a goodbye letter to my co workmates . My reason for leaveing is because I acceoted a new challenging post


i am leaving my husband. we have been together for 5 years married for 8 months. this is really hard for me to do but i know its right. and he is so heart broken and feels like its his fault. i want to write a letter that brings closure to it all. i want him to know that i think the world of him and its not just his fault why i am leaving. this is more of an i love you and i always will, good bye. letter. can u help. i just dont want to scar him for life and i want him to be ok with this. thanks


compose for me a goodbye letter to my fellow workmate. because i have been transfered to another branch.

thanks in advance.


hi i need your help.could you please contact me.thanks

Naline Graves

I would like to write a goodbye letter for my Grandaughter who will be born Monday 3/28/2011, but she will be going up for adoption. I have so many feelings, but don't know how to express them. Can you help me?

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