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July 16, 2006



I guess that depends somewhat on to what "universe" you refer, and what sort of expansion. :-)

I can exert control over in what sorts of ways I decide to expand my own personal "universe" of awareness/knowledge/etc... I'm not currently doing this very well, but I think I can... I think I can...

OTOH, I don't have a whole lot of influence over the speed and direction of the many galaxies and other bodies that are hurtling away from the Universe's center in their various respective directions, thus perpetuating the Universe's perpetual expansion. :-/

And, of course, there are interpretive degrees in betwee...

Isn't perspective interesting? :-)


If the universe is always expanding, and we are in the universe, does that mean we are always expanding? That would really explain why I can't fit into my old jeans. It's not my fault! How can I stop myself and the universe from expanding? Screw it, I'm going to "224" to get another drink....


Yes, I think we are always expanding - I hope I expand more my consciousness and awareness and less my physical body. ;)

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