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July 14, 2006



Don't forget, I'm also selling all of your favorite Judy Blume books, too!!! You failed to let me know if you are OK with all of these things going to someone else for their Sweet, Beautiful Daughter to enjoy!
AND re: the casual encounter room ... who needs it?! ........When they come to pick up their purchases and see me, they ask me out!!! Best to be selling "man things" like specialized tools for this "ploy" to work!!!


Just found your blog! I really enjoy reading your words...Hope u dont mind if i stick around for awhile...............


Mom, I shouldn't be surprised by your tactic. No wonder you're so hard to get a hold of!

Michael, sure, stick around.


I can empathize with a childhood being bartered away. My parents sold the family home to move into a condo not so long ago. My mother had the audacity to try and sell the giant bins of Legos I had so lovingly collected as a child. I remember standing in my parents driveway, making a seven year old girl cry, accusing her of trying to "purchase my childhood." Hey, a man can't think rationally when Legos are involved.....

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