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April 17, 2006



People become so angry when we admit that we have reached our limit. I'm glad that you are rested now.


It doesn't sound like you will ever learn how to communicate maturely with people. You hit your limit and then make ridiculous demands, confusing people and making yourself look like an immature idiot.

Will Campbell

"Toonice?" More like oxyMORON.


I thought it was kind of it to prove my point so succinctly. Rude, but convenient.


Yeah. And just a few comments ago, someone was berating me about supposedly kicking someone when they were down...

Anyway, now that I have my energy back, I can easily laugh at these negative people.

It really dramatically showed me, how extremly stressed with the situation I was. And how well I knew what I needed. It's too bad, it had to be a crisis before it could be resolved.

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