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February 17, 2006



You should try to drive a non automatic car in the Milan crazy traffic at rush hour. I swore I'd never do it again years ago but, guess what? Here I am, shifting and swifting through the crazy Italian drivers when needed. And I don't even have a regularly renewed Italian license, ha!

pinky the first

Aaaah, to be driving in Italia! Glori, admit it, it's far better! But then, today I drove my automatic SUV in LA, and really miss the way people drive in Europe, especially when I'm not on my motorcycle. keeping busy certainly does keep the anger in check and that's why I drive/ride so fast. If I try to go with the flow the flow invariably does something that pisses me off even more so it's best that I just keep trying to push my way to the front that doesn't actually exist.

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