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January 09, 2006



I very much appreciate. I grew up in Milan, Italy, when and where people were not so concerned in taking their shoes off before entering their house. They would eventually do it, changing into more comfortable footwear inside the house. So I did. But then I started to travel to other countries, to practice martial arts and to have many Asian friends. For my Japanese and Chinese teachers and friends entering your or somebody else's house with shoes on is very disrepectful. It means bringing in the dirt and chaos from the outer world. So if You'd like to keep a house, a dojo, or any place not only clean but peaceful, you take your shoes off at the door as a sign of respect for the people who live there. It made total sense to me, and I started doing it. The results were immediately visible. Much less dirt on the floor, which is a great advantage particularly when one is not so thoroughly efficient and punctual in mopping the floor with regularity. Particularly when you live in a place like the Future where streets, trails and pathways are dusty and muddy at all time.

Will Campbell

You probably already considered this, but if not what about taking them to a shoe shop and having them resoled?


Maybe it's not too late



In Sweden you also always take off shoes indoors. But ours is a wet and muddy land. In LA, there is less need.

pinky the first

Will, that's a good idea, but those were funky-soled shoes, thus not easily re-soled. Kinda like the rubber is molded up the sides.

Heather, you're a stronger woman than I. I cannot release shoes. unless they're 2 sizes too small and I can barely hobble around in them anymore, but need to see them at least once in awhile cuz they're so lavenderlicious!


Hi, I so understand you being a "house shoe" person since I'm the same way. Your post and the entire blog is wonderful. We met briefly at BlogHer last summer and I'm so glad to stumble upon your blog. Hope all is well and happy 2006.

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