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December 28, 2005


pinky the first

now see, this is a problem Karl Marx tried to solve, and it's really dificult, unless you're dealing with a very small, isolated commune. The reason we invented money is because it's a very efficient way to value things. If I only know how to make clothes, and want to barter something from you, we have to figure out what feels like a fair exchange. this is fine once in awhile, but for every little pack of gum and gallon of gas? plus, the competition engendered by the capitalist markets gives us the motivation to innovate, which in turn brings us such wonders as the computers on which we are communicating.

for money to not be an issue, everyone in the whole world has to agree it's not an issue, and that just won't happen, nor does it need to. Especially not when you are perfectly capable of making money being you, and are living in an abundant universe. Sometimes you just have to get paid to be you in ways you might not be in the mood to be at the time.

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