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November 23, 2005


Pinky the First

Damn Girl!!! I could not have said it better!!! That is sooo perfect! Holy shamoly. Gemesis couldn't ask for better ad copy. I think you need to contact their PR dep't, not me. I haven't done so yet, but this is exactly the message we need to get out there. Sheit, my LEFT hand Diamond will not only represent me as you described the right hand one, but that is also a fitting description for the sort of man worthy of showing such commitment to...

"My right hand diamond will be, like me, created through human direction, with innovation, extreme creativity and cleverness. It will represent the creativity, energy and effervescence that is Heathervescent. And it will not be torn from the bowels of this earth destroying the landscape and lives in the tearing. It will come from machine, hand crafted, carefully created with intention. It will be reckless."


How about artificial diamonds for retractile implants IN your fingers, instead? Diamond rings are so conventional. Commercial too, right or left hand. Diamond rings could never make me happy. But diamond claws can help you reap the rewards even better.


Welcome to the Diamond Age! I am so down with the diamond implant claws. Watch out Ramez Naam.

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