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July 14, 2005



Very nice!

sean bonner


Will Campbell

Cruiservescent you are SO going places!

Now, I know you're all lonewolf about the solitude and sanctuary and all but pencil it into your calendar and consider joining us: November, 11, 12 and 13 2005: Death Valley the north end. Racetrack Playa, Eureka Dunes, Titus Canyon, campfires, more. DV over Veterans Day weekend has become a tradition for me. You and your hot new TLC will LOVE it.


I accept, but I must be able to bring some cool folk with moi - least of all gloria and moki. (Can dogs come?!)

Will Campbell

Awesome. And the more cool folk the merrier! And about pets, your call. They're certainly not prohibited but at the same time park officials want you to be aware of the risk of predators and come across as pretty strict about keeping them contained and leashed and cleaned-up after.

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