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July 07, 2005


gloria Mattioni

Corsets, lace corsets, lace chemise and coordinated g-string, cherries corset? No, purple sparkling brocade, better. Silver shining bikini, bluemoon thongs,
Wonder Woman bra.. what else? Oh yeah, the American alligator and the Mexican drug cartel, power point presentation and the dog jumping all over us, all warm and nice and puppylike at the door. Can it get any better? Oh yes! It's just all about... "faith"? I like better trust but I can live with faith as well. And make it happen.


yes, I love having you as a partner in the future! the excitment doesn't stop, except that sometimes we need to take a motrin. :)

Susan Mernit

something you did not know about me: I share your passion for lingerie--and corsets.

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