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June 27, 2005


pinky the first

Wow. the feelings around the gunshot being a harbinger for major change might just mean you're ready for a nice reliable car. A car that's all about servicing YOU, not some self-obsessed nordic brat demanding excessive amounts of service. But really, you gotta call the cops when that shit happens, that's the only way they'll eventually start shooing the gangstas outta there.

I used to live in a similar area, 7th and Ave. D in NYC,1994, and wasn't scared until I was ready to leave. One day, while walking past the dealers on my way home, I suddenly wondered when there might be some shootout and would I get caught in the crossfire? But I was already on my way out by then. If enough pretty young ladies complain, especially if they stop by the precint in their favorite corset, I think the police will get very motivated. Men are funny that way. Take advantage of it.


I wish I was a Saab :)

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