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May 30, 2005


erin malone

hey heather - have been enjoying reading about your la adventures. just saw you like jonathon carroll - has to be one of my favorite authors of all time. you are the first person I know who also likes him - most people who I mention him to, give me blank looks...anyway - drop me a line next time you are ever back in the bay area. or one of these days I might just catch you out in the desert. --- erin

Will Campbell

I'm in a book rut. I tried reading Bruce Wagner's "Crysanthemum Palace" but bailed halfway through in favor (for whatever reason) of the historical nonfiction of David McCullough's "The Johnstown Flood," which I completed — hallelujah! Then I climbed into David James Duncan's "The River Why" but lost interest quickly in its zen-and-the-art-of-fly-fishing narrative. Hell, I even dusted off Cervantes "Don Quixote," but three pages into the deathless prologue I ram screaming from it, and now with even less commitment I've picked up Marlon Brando's 11-year-old biography... something about "Songs His Mother Sang Him," or somesuch. Jeez, I can't even remember the title. Help Mr. Wizard!

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